Temple Drums

Unique hand crafted and hand finished 12" steel Temple Drums created here in North Wales


Perfect for enabling you to play fantastic rhythms and melodies.
No need for any previous musical knowledge or experience, they offer inspiration to all
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 Click below to see and hear one of our 8 note Temple Drums being played:

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8 note drum scale:


9 note drum scale:


To play the Temple Drum is an uplifting experience taking you into a world
of shimmering harmonics and intense musical vibrations unique to this instrument.
Now available in a range of high quality finishes in vibrant glittering colours
which compliment the sound of the Temple Drum perfectly.
The surface of the drum literally changes colour and shimmers in the light.
Interactive sound-sensitive light module for inside the drum is also available. 
Your Temple Drum can be played with your hands or with mallets to give differing timbres and tones
and will also be affected by the space or the surface where you play such is it's resonance.
Temple Drums are perfect indoors or outdoors for when you want to find your own space or to share with others. Suitable for those with additional needs or limited mobility.
Ideal for relaxation and music therapy for the individual or for group participation, 
inspiring creativity in everyone from the very first touch.


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Temple drums or hang drums tonge drums for music therapy, meditaion, yoga and relaxation. To purchase a drum from our shop please visit our online shop to choose from 8 or 9 note and a choice of stunning, shimmering tongue-drum finishes. We have listened to all other drums available on the market and consider that the tongue drum we sell has a superior sound and finish that is beyond compare. We recommed these drums above all others on the market.